Transportation Network Analysis

Stephen D. Boyles, Nicholas E. Lownes, and Avinash Unnikrishnan

This site hosts the current version of the Transportation Network Analysis textbook. This release is a public beta intended for review and feedback, and will be updated before a final version is published. A list of planned changes is indicated below. Any help you can offer to improve the text would be very welcome, whether spotting typos, math or logic errors, inconsistent terminology, or any other suggestions for improving the explanations, organization, or presentation of the content.

Currently, one volume is available, covering static and dynamic traffic assignment. A second volume, covering transit, freight, and logistics, is under preparation. Both volumes will always be available free-of-charge from this site as PDF files. Upon release of the first edition (v1), a physical copy will also be available for purchase at a low price.

We gratefully acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation in preparing this text, under Grants 1069141/1157294, 1254921, 1562109/1562291, 1636154, 1739964, and 1826320. Thanks are also due to Travis Waller (University of New South Wales) and Chris Tampère (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven) for hosting visits by the first author to their respective institutions, and for providing wonderful work environments where much of this writing was done. We also acknowledge the help many students have provided in noticing errors in earlier drafts and suggesting improvements.

Current version

Version 0.91: PDF

Please cite this book as below. Including the version number is important as regular updates will be posted here. For older versions and a changelog, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Boyles, S. D., N. E. Lownes, and A. Unnikrishnan. (2023) Transportation Network Analysis, Volume I, Version 0.91.

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Planned changes

Version history

Version Release Date Summary of changes
0.91 August 21, 2023 Added content on building static networks, and additional references
0.90 August 8, 2022 Added more math and optimization background to appendices, streamline main text
0.89 August 24, 2021 Refactored math background into a single chapter and 3 appendices (with more details and examples)
0.85 January 16, 2020 Added brief reference list to end of all chapters (still needs expansion)
0.82 January 2, 2020 First public beta version