CE 392D

Dynamic Traffic Assignment

Spring 2018

This course is designed to teach students the emerging field of dynamic traffic assignment. Notes, homeworks, and practice exams will be posted here as the semester progresses.

Week 2 (1/23 and 1/25)

  • Reading assignment (response due at 9 AM on Monday 1/29): Textbook sections 10.2-10.4.2; also skim the DTA primer put together by the TRB ADB30 committee.
  • If you are not familiar with Python, please go through this tutorial; go through the sections titled "Basics of Python," "Built-in Data Structures," and "Functions and Classes."
  • Lecture slides on basic link models. Also, last week's slides have been updated with additional content.

Week 1 (1/16 and 1/18)